Artist Statement


My approach to painting has acquired its own presence as a vocabulary independent of explicit figurative imagery, becoming the visual expression of creative energy. I aim to construct theatrical juxtapositions of shapes, colors and marks. Rejecting, over-painting, scraping, scratching and burnishing the painted surface generates pictorial issues. Each composition emerges organically as I literally draw with paint, the initial random marks eventually forming into clusters of rendered dilemmas, entanglements. It is in the course of negotiating with the dissonance that I engage, scuffle, reconcile and proceed forward. The quasi metaphorical forms and inferred graphic references are competitors on the painting’s surface, participating in contentious debates. Create then reject. Rebuild, reject then create again. I have inexhaustible possibilities to explore and limitless configurations to encounter. In the end, and by the same token, the finished painting affords the observer an open-ended invitation, a visual legacy, with which to engage, decipher and construe according to their own perception.

© Soteris Sam Roussi, 2017